ESIM among the winners of the RailTech Pro Innovation Awards 2019

RailTech Pro Innovation Awards 2019

On March 26 – 2019,  in Utrecht, within the initiatives connected to the RailTech Pro Innovation Awards 2019 event, Esim won two Innovations Awards for the categories “IT Innovation” and “Industry Award”.

The jury, that was composed by eight members of rail experts from the Netherlands and abroad:

  • Erwin Abbink (managing consultant innovation at NS)
  • professor Rolf Dollevoet (TU Delft) – Chairman
  • Carel Robbeson (board member Railforum)
  • Karel van Gils (Innovation manager at ProRail)
  • Matthias Landgraf (TU Graz)
  • Hans Willem Vroon (Director RailGood)
  • Assistant Professor Niels van Oort (Public Transport at TU Delft)
  • Cor Hoenders (Director Rail Cargo Information Netherlands),

chosed at first, among 75 candidates for the prize, eighteen innovations and thenafter the winners for the seven categories on the list.

The interest for the competition and the international character of the RailTech Innovation Awards 2019 is confirmed by the winners coming from five different countries.
These were presented on March, 26 evening in the Nicolaïkerk in Utrecht, where jury chairman Rolf Dollevoet presented the seven prizes after the first day of RailTech Europe 2019.

The “Unmanned diagnostics system for the geometry of the track” designed and engineered by ESIM researchers won for the category “IT Innovation” category.
The system that checks the railtrack even at high speed, is mounted on a normal passenger or freight trains converting it in a measurement train thus allowing multiple inspection without interfering with the normal railway activity as special diagnostic runs are no more required. From the train, the geometry of the track is assessed on various parameters by sensors.
Professor Rolf Dollevoet from TU Delft, during the Awards ceremony, said: “We use this system at our University, I think that is enough”. The selection was the outcome of the necessary discussions between the jury members, but in the end they agreed. “After all, innovations always leads to discussion; what is an innovation and what is not? There were many entries about predictive maintenance and reuse, a good development, we all agreed on that.”

ESIM was also named the winner of the public award being the most voted in a public poll within the industry itself.