ESIM is co-sponsor of the event “Track Maintenance & Data Utilisation 2019”

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ESIM is co-sponsor of the event “Track Maintenance & Data Utilisation 2019” to be held in London on 26 and 27 June.
During this event we have been called, together with the world’s leading experts in diagnostics to support railway maintenance, to present our vision and during the first day we will discuss the topic:
Combining optimal preventive maintenance with train scheduling: Continuous monitoring of the rail network with unmanned systems ensures safety and optimises maintenance schedules.

The Unmanned Diagnostic System for track inspection is the only maintenance system able to guarantee continuous monitoring of the network and therefore its full operation and total safety. The increase in network capacity, which translates into a reduction in the time windows available to perform normal monitoring and maintenance activities, makes it essential to have a constantly updated digital representation of the infrastructure together with the latest tools for predictive technology.

These advanced solutions enable railway companies to optimise their budgets and prevent technological obsolescence.

Key concepts:

* Unmanned diagnostic system for acquiring track parameters
* Smart Framework to support the decision making chain on infrastructure maintenance
* Automatic definition of work plans
* Preventive and final analysis of the quality of the maintenance intervention
* Reduce and optimize maintenance costs”