ESIM-branded Unmanned Diagnostics System lands in Asia

UDS-TRA for Taiwan Railways, R.O.C, and UDS-NBM for the Ningbo metro network, P.R.C.

The innovative ESIM-branded system dedicated to the unmanned diagnostics of the geometry of the track, a feature that makes it unique worldwide, tested for RFI with the supply of four rolling stock, has been active in the monitoring of Taiwan’s railway infrastructure since April 2023.

The Taiwan Railways Administration, manager of the Taiwanese railway’s infrastructure, has equipped itself with the UDS (Unmanned Diagnostic System) in its UDS-TRA version and within six months has used it to complete three measurement campaigns of the entire network and will complete a fourth by the end of the year.

With more than 6,000 km of inspections already completed, the unmanned diagnostics system has proved to be a valuable and effective tool at the disposal of the maintenance department in verifying the correct alignment of the rails and thus safeguarding transport and passenger safety.

The system was installed on a diagnostic trainset consisting of three carriages and is complete with the unique calibration verification system, the SST balise, which allows the operator not only to check the status of the equipment, which is the case with any system, but also to have confirmation of the correctness of the measurement.

Whenever the equipped train intercepts the SST balise, the measurements made by the UDS are compared with those made by the balise, which is examining the track under the same loading conditions as those found by the on-board train systems and are thus validated.

A similar system has been contracted for the Ningbo metro in China.

The UDS-NBM version has been purchased by Ningbo Metro and will be delivered in 2024.