Railway Diagnostic Systems

The E.S.I.M. railway diagnostic department was founded in 2006 and it operates in design, prototyping and highly engineered systems production for railway infrastructure monitoring. The diagnosis requires high measuring technology applied in a hostile environment such as the railway infrastructure.

In 2008 the OpERA system (Opto Electronic Railway Analysis) has been realized in order to measure all the railway track geometry parameters.

This has allowed the constant growth of E.S.I.M. company, featuring a gradual strenghtening of design and production department, expanding technical capabilities and gaining market share of the Italian diagnostic railway market. This led to the development of systems such as TInS (Tunnel Inspection System), which allows the detection of the minimum structure gauge outline of obstacles by providing all necessary information to the maintenance of tunnels and the exceptional transport management, or TR-GSM, which allows remote monitoring of rail track temperature and their visualization and analysis through a web application developed by E.S.I.M. engineers.

The know-how has allowed to undertake, with major rail partners, ambitious experimental projects and engineering of the new unattended diagnostic system with high technological content, which enables automatic infrastructure monitoring without operators help.

Numerous patents registered of developed projects confirm high technology level of the E.S.I.M.. Clients are constantly growing both in Rete Ferroviaria Italiana S.p.A. and on the narrower market of granted railways, all thanks to the wide range of available diagnostic systems.

In spite of the amount of recived orders, the E.S.I.M. does not neglet the innovation of systems and process by proposing and developing systems and processes based on market needs and, where applicable, the technical specifications.

In fact, three new monitoring systems are in development for electric traction line, the state of the rail fastening systems and the rail track internal state.

The versatility and the enthusiasm of the E.S.I.M. technicians, supported by the high company know-how, have allowed the company to break into a market with growing demand for technology.

diagnostica impresenziata

Unmanned Diagnostic System

video ispezione pantografi

Pantograph Inspection System

monitoraggio temperatura rotaia GSM

Rail Track Temperature Monitoring System (TR-GSM)

misura accelerazioni rotabile

Rolling Stock Acceleration Measurement

geometria del binario

Track Geometry Measurement System

sistema di ispezione tunnel

Tunnel Inspection System

pesa dinamica rotabili

Rolling Stock Dynamic Weighing System

monitoraggio temperatura boccole

Axle Box Temperature Monitoring System