Pantograph Inspection System


The video inspection pantograph (VIP) system allows the acquisition of high resolution color images in nany climate and meteorological condition, of trains running pantographs at speeds of up to 300 km/h in order to evaluate the wear condition of the pantograph contact strips. Through the shooting areas, the system acquires images and transmits them immediately to a control station that stores the fi les. The system makes available the recorded images for remote viewing to operators. The imaging devices are also equipped with internal memory which allows to temporarily store the images, thus protecting the system from unwanted events such as the power absence or disservice of telecommunication lines. The transmission of data from the acquisition area to the control station, is provided by a connection with fast transfer of images.


The VIP system is based on several innovative characteristics:

  • High resolution color images system for immediate pantographs verification;
  • Interception system for reading the passage of running trains;
  • Integrated internal storage system in place of recovery, useful to preserve acquired images in any eventuality;
  • Instant images transmission from shooting place to the central desk;
  • User-friendly operator interface, intuitive and easy to use.


Acquisition of high resolution color images of pantographs in order to:

  • Maintain the effi ciency of the pantographs without stopping the vehicle;
  • Ensure no break in service;
  • Reduce operating costs;
  • Improve safety standards of rail vehicles on running.


The video inspection pantograph system is designed to minimize problems related to its installation and maintenance.
The installation consists of the fastening of removable boxes, containing system components, in component wiring and connection of the imaging devices to the central desk.
The system requires a low frequency of maintenance activities.