Track Geometry Measurement System


The track geometry measurement system integrates laser triangulation technology with high precision inertial systems . The installation simplicity allows the use of this system on any convoy: passenger, freight or dedicated. Measurements are effected upon several and different parameters of track geometry and of rail internal profile (measurements on the external rail profile are optional and provide additional laser sensors). The system software of track geometry measurement has a graphic interface allowing real time reading data and a database able to store all measurements of a travelled way and to localize them through the installation with an odometry system. Furthermore the system has a tool for off line analysis of acquired data.


The track geometry measurement system is based on the following innovative characteristics:

  • Synergy of laser triangulation techniques and inertial measurements based on aeronautic technologies;
  • High performances and elaboration unit;
  • Integration in real time of all system acquired data;
  • User-friendly software interface;
  • Real time measurement visualization;
  • High sampling frequency for high speed measurement;
  • Software for the off-line analysis of effected measurements.


Monitoring of railways infrastructure in order to:

  • Set timely interventions of extraordinary maintenance;
  • Study new timings for ordinary maintenance;
  • Integrate different measured parameters;
  • Guarantee the improvement of rail circulation
  • Improve safety standards.


The track geometry measurement system is planned to be installed on rail vehicles; laser sensors can be installed below the bogie and hooked to the cart.
The measurement system of track geometry is prepared to the integration with other diagnostic systems and it needs an odometry unit to localize the effected measurements.
The elaboration units can be installed in a cabinet inside the carriage used for measurement together with the operator place.
The installation of all equipments does not need particular prescription, a detailed study of technical draws is thus necessary to chose optimal location.
Suitable anchoring systems will be easily applied to install boxes containing system sensors.