Axle Box Temperature Monitoring System


The axle box temperature monitoring system is designed in order to the occurrence of detecting a temperature greater than a predefined critical temperature. The aim of axle box temperature monitoring system is to analyze that the temperature variation of axle box is in durable and safety way and to get suitable alarms when the tolerance thresholds, set by the customer, are overtaken. The monitoring system consists of several modular devices: FBG sensors, optoelectronic interface analyzer and computer for the storage, evaluation and information visualization. All temperature data will be available for matching and for statistic analysis with information that derive from other measuring system. The system is able to measure the temperatures of all kind of axle boxes mounted on the several rolling stock.


The system is based on the following innovative features:

  • Fiber Bragg Grating temperature sensors for a whole and absolutely electromagnetic immunity;
  • Fiber optic connections between sensors and analyzer;
  • Current generation optoelectronic analyser interface for high speed data acquisition;
  • Industrial PC;
  • High volume data storage;
  • Real time threshold and data values graphic matching;
  • Optional GPS integrated system for measurements localization;
  • On line statistic analysis;
  • On line axle boxes temperature matching;
  • Off line review mode;
  • Rugged packages and connections.


Measurement and storage of axle boxes temperature to:

  • Order a prompt stop of trains in case of overheating;
  • Study new timing for normal maintenance (based on predictive algorithms);
  • Integrate temperature values acquired with the parameters of dynamic coach behavior;
  • Improve the reliability of the railway traffics;
  • Improve safety standards of the rolling stock.


The axle box measuring system is developed to be installed on the whole common railway vehicles.
The Fiber Optic sensors (FBG) can be installed on all the axle boxes of the boogie without any interface with its normal functioning and maintenance.
Furthermore the fi ber optic, which is the main structure of system, allows an electric cabling procedure starting from the sensors to arrive in optoelectronic interfaces and unit elaborations accommodated into the coach.
The elaboration unit with its personal computer can be installed into a normal industrial rack with its relative operator station for the monitoring of the parameters acquired.
The system performs to the whole electronic isolation intrinsic by the FBG technology.