Rail Track Temperature Monitoring System (TR-GSM)


The ESIM diagnostic system TR-GSM is designed for remote monitoring of rail track temperature, and it is designed to work in the centralized railway diagnostics systems, related to technological and infrastructural installations that the railway infrastructure management can develop according to their requirements both to improve infrastructure availability and railway traffic management. Based on RFI standards, it consists of a variable number of measuring points, installable in all the critical areas in regard to temperature variations.
The system can use the GSM, GSM-R, the telephone network, or LAN network to send information to a central server for data storage. Information access is standardized by RFI standards and is guaranteed by a password-protected web interface.


The TR-GSM system is based on several innovative features:

  • Temperature sensors with high levels of accuracy and reliability;
  • Galvanic isolation devices which guarantees security system;
  • Real-time processing of detected temperature;
  • Measurement redundancy to ensure constant reliability;
  • Measurement points can be installed in remote areas, including those without electric power;
  • Database creation for measures in chronological detail;
  • Implementation of redundant control algorithms;
  • Compactness, easy installation and weather protection;
  • Reliability and durability.


Remote monitoring of rail track temperatures in order to:

  • constant verification of temperature in remote areas;
  • Promptly signaling of the achievement of specific temperature levels;
  • Statistical trend of measured temperatures over time;
  • Staff employment is not necessary for temperature measurement;
  • Circulation security levels increase signifi cantly.


The installation process of temperature monitoring system is designed to allow easy upgrade, with modular implementation. Indeed is suffi cient to install the box with the three measuring sensors on the shank of the rail through bolts anchoring.
To preserve the safety of the steel structure the holes are made at the rail track neutral axis.
In proximity of measuring points is located a terminal box where is installed the electronic control unit and the GSM interface.
If the area in which is required the installation of the measuring point is without an electrical supply, it is possible to add an off-grid PV system, properly sized.